Free Differential Estimates

Ring & Pinion Service provides free differential repair estimates. By diagnosing the noise in a differential and axle assembly we can usually determine what needs to be done before we start.

Gear Ratio Changes

Those big truck tires need a gear ratio change for proper performance. Ring & Pinion Service is the Sacramento area’s most experienced differential shop. Call today for a quote on changing the gear ratio in your rig!

Limited Slip Differentials

Performance and off road vehicles need More Traction! Ring & Pinion Service is the place to go for limited slip differentials. Contact the Sacramento Area’s best and most experienced differential shop for a quote today!

Old Man Emu Suspension Dealer

ARB Bumpers & Old Man Emu Suspension

West Coast Differentials is an Authorized Dealer for ARB Bumpers and Old Man Emu Suspension products. ARB’s complete line of front and rear Bumpers and Winch Bars covers a wide range of vehicle applications, and most front bumpers are airbag approved.

Old Man Emu Suspension Systems are available for most popular vehicle models, and feature a range of tuned components that can be tailored for your specific performance needs.

Northern California residents and Sacramento area locals can save big on shipping by picking up these products at our Rancho Cordova Warehouse location, just a few miles east of downtown Sacramento. For more information about ARB Bumpers and Old Man Emu Suspension, contact our sales department at (800)510-0950.


Timken Hub Assemblies


Timken Hub Assemblies (Unit Hubs) are available from West Coast Differentials for light duty trucks including most applications for Ford, GM, Dodge and Toyota,
including some for independent rear suspensions. The Timken brand represents OEM quality. Failing hub units will start to growl or wobble. Contact one of our
rear end parts experts today to find the hub assembly you need. For available applications, check out the Timken Hub Assembly Application Chart


Jeep JK Wrangler Chromoly Performance Axle Shafts

West Coast Differentials stocks a complete line of Sierra Gear Chromoly axle shafts for the Jeep Wrangler JK. Sierra Gear Chromoly axle shafts have a 10 year warranty, are built for high performance use and are far more durable than stock axle shafts. These axle shafts are available for all Dana 30 and Dana 44, Rubicon and non-Rubicon models, including a 35 spline Dana 44 upgrade axle kit that can be installed with various locking differentials. Front axles use the stronger JK 1350 U joint, unlike some axle kits that use a 1310 U joint. View our catalog or Contact our sales department for more information.

S110, S135 and S150 Differential Rebuild Kits

The Dana S110, S135 and S150 differentials are common in newer Ford F450 and F550 trucks. Many light duty differential shops are finding the need and opportunity to work on these differentials. West Coast Differentials stocks Rebuild Kits for each of these differentials, as well as ring & pinion sets and other associated parts.
Contact one of our rear end parts experts today!

Nissan Titan Locking Differentials

West Coast Differentials has three different locking differentials available for the Nissan Titan Dana 44 Rear axle (M226-32 Spline). These options include the Dana Spicer original factory electric locking differential, Eaton’s Detroit Truetrac and the ARB Air Locker. Both the factory electric locker and the ARB Air Locker are open differentials that can be fully locked by the flip of a switch. The Detroit Truetrac is a smooth-operating limited slip. Axle modifications may be required to install a Truetrac in models equipped with the factory electric locker. These models have unequal axle lengths due to an offset cross-pin. For more information, check out our Application Guide for Nissan, or call our sales department for assistance.

Jeep JK Wrangler Ring and Pinions

West Coast Differentials stocks a complete line of ring and pinion sets for the Jeep Wrangler JK. These are available in low off road ratios like 4.56, 4.88, 5.13 and 5.38 for all Dana 30 and Dana 44 front and rear axles. These high quality Sierra Gear & Axle gear sets are engineered for easy set up to make changing the gear ratio in your JK Wrangler a snap! See our parts catalog or contact the WCD sales staff at 800-510-0950 for more information.

AEV Procal Module

AEV ProCal Module The Procal Module from AEV provides functions for large tire recalibration, axle gear ratio recalibration, tire pressure monitor recalibration, daytime running lamp activation/deactivation, one-touch turn signal activation-deactivation, engine idle speed options and precise steering wheel centering. These functions are available for all JK Wranglers including the new 2012 models. Contact the WCD sales staff at 800-510-0950 for more information.