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Differential Covers

West Coast Differentials carries a wide variety of Differential Covers, from Stock Replacement to Heavy-Duty for extreme Off-Road use.

Stock Steel Diff Cover Dana AAM Ford

Stock Replacement

Replace your beat-up, rusty Differential Cover with a new replacement cover. Available for many applications by OEM manufacturers like Dana Spicer, AAM, Ford & more. We also carry a variety of used covers for the budget-minded customer


ARB Diff Covers


ARB’s nodular iron Differential Covers have been engineered to protect the differential and ring & pinion from off-road hazards.


  • Computer optimized cross brace design increases the structural rigidity of the whole axle
  • Additional housing strength helps keep the ring & pinion gears meshing on the flat faces of the teeth, greatly increasing ring & pinion life and overall maximum load strength
  • Top quality, high power neodymium magnets are used in both the drain plug and the dipstick to collect metallic wear particles
  • Magnet location in the end of the dipstick allows the oil to be checked for tell-tale signs of internal damage
  • Prolonged carrier bearing life due to extra support to the bearing alignment
  • Approach/departure angle optimized by angled exterior surfaces
  • Unique dipstick/filler cap design allows differential oil level to be adjusted for customized high driveline angles


Available for:

  • Dana 35
  • Dana 44 (except Aluminum)
  • Dana 50/60
  • Chrysler 8.25″
  • Ford 8.8″
  • GM 10-Bolt


Thisk Steel Diff covers by RuffStuff Specialties

RuffStuff Specialties

Constructed from 3/8″ thick plate steel, The Ruff Stuff Specialties fabricated Differential Cover is super stout. The sealing surface is machined perfectly flat, with all seams fully welded inside and out. The fill plug is a generous 1″ ID for easy fill and level check.


Available for:

  • Chrysler 8.25″
  • Chrysler 9.25″ Rear
  • Dana 30
  • Dana 35
  • Dana 44
  • Dana 60
  • Ford 8.8″
  • Ford 10.5″ Sterling
  • GM / Dodge 11.5″
  • GM 10.5″ 14 Bolt
  • Landcruiser 9.5″


Mag Hytec High Capacity Differential Cover

Mag Hytec

Mag Hytec’s heavy duty Differential Covers and Transmission Pans provide increased lubricant and cooling capacity for hard-working recreational and service vehicles. Magnetic drain plugs trap worn gear material, promoting fluid integrity.

  • Magnetic  drain plug and anodized aluminum dipstick with magnetic insert
  • O-rings require no gaskets or sealant
  • Routine lube maintenance without removing the differential cover
  • 1/8 NPT temperature sender port
  • 303 stainless steel hardware
  • Lube level reference plug
  • Finned aircraft aluminum housing
  • Requires allen key wrenches (included) for installation and service
  • Fits with most factory suspension systems and aftermarket anti-sway bars


Available for:

  • Chrysler 9.25″, 10.5″, 11.5″
  • Dana 44, 60, 70, 80
  • Ford 8.8″, 9.75″, 10.25″/10.5″
  • Ford 9.75″
  • GM 8.5″, 9.5″, 10.5″, 11.5″


TA Performance Rear End Girdles

TA Performance Girdles

Made from 356-T6 cast aluminum, these covers are actually a girdle incorporating a reinforced crossbar. The crossbar houses the load bolts that apply pressure to the bearing caps. This feature, along with the thick casting, prevents bearing cap deflection under severe loads. Which in turn greatly reduces or eliminates (in most cases) bearing cap fatigue and failure. Specifically designed to add support to the bearing caps under severe loads and acceleration, these girdles substantially strengthen the rear end. They also add fluid capacity, which helps to lower the fluid temperature. Comes with drain and fill plugs for easy maintenance.

  • All TA Girdles are made of 356 aircraft grade aluminum, heat treated to T6 specifications. Each cover is then stress relieved.
  • All Girdles incorporate a Fill Port and a Drain Port for ease of servicing.
  • All Girdles incorporate 2 load bolts with swivel “feet” for supporting the bearing caps.
  • All Girdles increase fluid capacity approximately 1/2 pint.
  • All Girdles show an average decrease in operating temperature of 15 degrees.
  • Weighs about 9.5 lbs.
  • Improves Undercarriage Appearance.
  • Comes complete with girdle, bolts, gasket, and instructions


Available for:

  • Chrysler 9.25″
  • Dana 35, 44′ 60, 70
  • Ford 7.5″, 8.8″, 9.75″
  • GM 7.5″, 8.2″ / 8.5″, 8.2″ / 8.5″ BOP, 9.5″
  • 12 Bolt Car
  • 12 Bolt Truck
  • Borg Warner 9 Bolt


Dana Spicer Diff covers dana ford 8.8 9.75

Spicer Diff Covers

Manufactured from high-strength nodular iron, Spicer performance diff covers are built to meet the demands of any environment.

  • Coverage for Dana axle applications
  • Coverage for Ford 9.75″ and 8.8″ axle applications
  • Designed and engineered for performance applications
  • Manufactured from high-strength, nodular iron
  • Built with ribbing to protect differential components from off-road hazards
  • Ensures greater housing rigidity
  • Raised fill plug for increased fluid capacity on high pinion angles
  • Includes hardware and drain plug
  • Includes Spicer® differential cover performance gaskets


Available for:

  • Dana 30
  • Dana 35
  • Dana 44
  • Dana 80
  • Ford 8.8″
  • Ford 9.75″

SpacerShiny chrome leaky diff cover


Beautify your undercarriage with a Chrome Differential Cover. Consult our parts professionals for tips on leak prevention, or for help choosing the best cover for your application







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