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EATON Performance Payout – Buy Traction, get Money Back

Eaton Performance Payout is Back

Purchase or install an Eaton Performance Differential and get cash back. Qualifying differentials include Detroit Locker, Truetrac, ELocker and Posi.

Read more about the rebate and access the rebate form below…..

Detroit Locker Truetrac ELocker Posi Differential Rebate

$50 Consumer Rebate

December 1st 2016 thru March 31st, 2017, get a $50 rebate when you purchase any Eaton Performance Differential. This includes Detroit Locker, ELocker, Truetrac and Eaton Posi. Visit www.EatonPerformance.com/rebate for full details, rebate forms and restrictions.

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AAM Differential Kit

Open Differentials vs. Locking and Limited-Slip Differentials

Open differentials are standard equipment on most vehicles. The "Open" differential does a great job of transmitting power and propelling the vehicle forward. The design also allows both wheels to travel at different speeds while cornering, without causing excessive tire wear. The problem with the open differential happens when one tire is on a low traction surface such as ice, snow or mud. The tire on the slippery surface will spin while the other tire provides no forward motion. The animation above shows an open front differential in a 4-wheel drive vehicle. Differential upgrades that will provide power to both wheels are featured on this page.

2015 Product Catalog

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