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Auburn Gear has been the leader in performance limited-slip differentials for nearly 55 years.
Today, no matter what you drive—dragsters, performance cars, everyday passenger vehicles, light-duty trucks, vans, sport utilities, off-road or recreational vehicles—there is an Auburn Gear performance differential engineered to maximize your vehicle’s tractive capability. The auburn Limited-Slip is available in three versions to suit your performance needs. Each is outlined below.


Auburn Gear’s flagship limited-slip differential gives you smooth torque-sensing operation with the correct bias ratios to out perform the competition.

 Auburn PRO SERIES Limited-Slip

Auburn Gear Pro Limited Slip PosiTurns your torque up another notch, offering an even higher bias ratio and faster sensing reaction than HP for the very best in controlled power transfer.

 Auburn RACE SERIES Limited-Slip

High Performance limited-slip differential specifically for road racing—a differential case designed to allow the center pin to float along with the axle shafts. This design feature aids the driver when cornering, so that when the driver is turning, the outside wheel axle shaft will apply a force to the center pin, hence, the pinion gears will firmly seat the inside cone/side gear assembly giving the racer an extremely “tight” rear axle. The greater the G-force the more bite you get! If you are an avid road racer you’ll want this unit.

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Note: This guide below shows Auburn Gear Pro Series Limited-Slip, High-Performance Series Limited -Slip AND Auburn Ected Max applications. For Limited-Slip Differentials, be sure to look for “Pro Series” or “High Performance Series” application listings.

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