Eaton Posi FAQ’s

What kind of oil should I use? Can I use synthetics? Do I need a friction additive/modifier? Eaton Posi units perform best when using GL4 (or better) mineral/petroleum based gear oil. A four ounce bottle of friction additive/modifier is also necessary for optimum performance.

Is the Eaton Posi Rebuildable? Yes. There are three main types of service kits available – internal spider and axle gear kits, clutch kits, and preload spring & plate kits.

Can I upgrade my Eaton Posi? Yes. Both the clutch disks and the preload springs can be upgraded for extreme off road and drag racing applications. Posi units come equipped with 400lb of preload. They can be upgraded to 800lb, or even downgraded to 300 or 200lbs options. Clutches – There are several types of clutch service kits. They range from the OE, 18 disc (standard), the 24 disc (high performance), and the modern day, high tech 14 disc carbon fiber design.

What is the warranty for the Eaton Posi? The Eaton Posi is guaranteed for one year against manufacturers defects