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Differential and Axle Products

Ring & Pinions

Ring and Pinion Gear Sets

West Coast Differentials stocks Original Equipment (OEM) and aftermarket ring and pinion gear sets of the highest quality. OEM brands include Chrysler, Dana Spicer, Ford and American Axle. Aftermarket brands include Sierra Gear, Richmond Gear and US Gear.

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Eaton Limited Slip Differential


Our complete line of light duty differentials includes stock open carriers, positraction and limited slip units for a little more traction, locking differentials for rock crawling and extreme conditions, and spools for racing and off road performance.

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Master Rebuild Kit

Differential Rebuild Kits

We assemble our own complete differential rebuild kits made with the highest quality components available. Our rebuild kits are available as a Master Rebuild Kit with everything you need, a Basic Rebuild Kit for the professional service shop, a Pinion Rebuild Kit with just pinion components, and a Mini Rebuild Kit when you need everything except the bearings. We also have Spider Gear Kits and Transfer Case Kits.

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Axle Shafts

Axle Shafts

We carry a complete line of stock replacement axle shafts for light duty trucks, SUV’s, Jeeps and classic cars. We also carry a complete line of chromoly performance axles.

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Differential Small Parts

Differential Small Parts

Whether you need a thrust washer, a cross pin shaft or bolt, shims, ring gear bolts or just about anything else inside an axle housing, we have the parts you need.

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Chrysler 8.75" Third Member

Third Members

West Coast Differentials can build custom third members for Ford 8 or 9 inch, Toyota and Chrysler 8.75” differentials. We’ll put them together with any gear ratio, differential, housing and yoke you need.

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Products Available for the Following Axle Assemblies:

  • AMC Model 20
  • AMC Model 35
  • Toyota 7.5”
  • Toyota 8”
  • Toyota Landcruiser
  • Toyota Tacoma
  • Toyota Tundra
  • Chrysler 7.25”
  • Chrysler 8.25”
  • Chrysler 8.75”
  • Chrysler 9.25” Rear
  • Chrysler 9.25” Front
  • Chrysler 10.5”
  • Chrysler 11.5”
  • Dana 30 ™
  • Dana 35 ™
  • Dana 44 ™
  • Dana 50 ™
  • Dana 60 ™
  • Dana 70 ™
  • Dana 80 ™
  • Ford 7.5”
  • Ford 8”
  • Ford 8.8”
  • Ford 9”
  • Ford 9.75”
  • Ford 10.25”
  • Ford 10.5”
  • GM 55 Passenger
  • GM 55 Truck
  • GM Corvette
  • GM 7.25” Front Differential
  • GM 7.5” and 7.625”
  • GM 8”
  • GM 8.2”, GM 8.25” Front Differential
  • GM Camaro, Pontiac G8, GTO
  • GM 10 Bolt 8.5” and 8.625”
  • GM 12 Bolt Passenger
  • GM 12 Bolt Truck
  • GM 9.25” Front Differential
  • GM 14 Bolt 9.5”
  • GM 14 Bolt 10.5”
  • GM 14 Bolt 11.5”

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  • Tel: 916-635-0950
  • Fax: 916-635-1105

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