Third Member 3rd Member Differential Dropout for Toyota Ford 9 Chrysler 8.75

Third Members – Complete Custom Dropouts Built to your Specifications

Third Members, or Dropout-Style differentials were used in Ford 8 or 9 inch, Toyota and Chrysler 8.75” differentials. Our Expert Technicians build Complete Custom Third Member assemblies using the highest quality OEM or better components. Your drop-out will be built with your choice of any available ring & pinion gear ratio, differential, housing and yoke. Most Third Members will be assembled and shipped not later than one day after you place your order.

For more information including pricing, applications and options available, contact our staff of differential experts. We are available from 8am to 5pm Pacific Standard Time, Monday thru Friday.


Chrysler 8.75”

Chrysler 8.75 3rd Member Third member

Chrysler 8.75” Third Members can be built with one of our used 741, 742, or 489 housings (subject to availability) or using a new Nodular 489 housing. These drop-outs can be assembled with the gear ratio, differential and yoke of your choice.

Ford 8” or 9”

Ford 8 Ford 9 dropout 3rd Member Third Member

Ford 9” Third Members can be built with a wide range of housings, gear ratios, differentials, pinion supports and yokes. Choose from stock housings, full-race Strange Engineering HD Pro aluminum or anywhere in between. Ford 8” dropouts are rebuilt in used housings with the gear ratio and differential of your choice.


Rebuilt Toyota dropout 3rd member Third Member

Toyota Third Members are available for 4 and 6 cylinder and Landcruiser applications. We can build your Toyota drop-out with the gear ratio, differential, and yoke of your choice.

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