Differentials are our Business! We stock a huge selection of Open, Limited-Slip and Locking Differentials. The following is an overview of each type that is available.

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open-differentials-spider-side-gearsMost vehicles are equipped with an open differential from the factory. This type of differential is perfect on dry pavement, as it allows the axles turn at different speeds when cornering. However, an open differential is less than ideal when one or both tires lose traction. In these situations, the tire with no traction spins, and the tire with traction does nothing. We carry open differentials as complete units, or as separate cases and internals, from both OEM and aftermarket manufacturers. Our selection of internals including spider gears, side gears and other internal components is unmatched.

Find an open differential carrier or internal replacement parts for your application in our Differential Parts Guides under the “Cases & Internal Parts” section.

A Limited-Slip Differential generates more traction than the open differential. Most Limited-Slips, sometimes called posi’s or positraction diffs, use clutches to drive both tires, but allow the clutches to slip when the vehicle corners and the axles need to turn at different speeds. However, the Detroit Truetrac & Wavetrac® units act as an open differential but apply torque to drive the tire with the most traction.

Read more about our selection of Limited Slip-Differentials including Eaton Truetrac & Posi, Wavetrac, Auburn HP, Pro and OEM units:


To see which Limited-Slip Differentials are available for your vehicle, use our Limited-Slip/Positraction Guides or the catalog page for your particular axle.

Locking differentials use various means to lock both axles, forcing both wheels to turn in unison regardless of traction conditions. Locking diffs are ideal for more extreme off road driving, and are available in automatic and selectable designs. Locking Differentials are available in both Automatic and Selectable types.

Automatic lockers lock and unlock automatically with no direct input from the driver. This type of locking differential forces both wheels to turn at the same speed when torque is applied. When the throttle is lifted and the vehicle is coasting, they are designed to allow each axle to turn independently for smoother cornering. We stock Detroit Locker and Lock Right lockers.


To see which Automatic Locking Differentials are available for your vehicle, use our Automatic Locker Application Guide or the catalog page for your particular axle.

Selectable lockers provide the best of both worlds. These units allow the driver to engage or disengage the differential with the touch of a button. This provides the smooth operation and cornering of an open differential on the street and the performance of a locker when needed in low traction situations. Our inventory of selectable lockers includes ARB Air Locker, Eaton ELocker and Auburn Select-A-Loc.


To see which Selectable Locking Differentials are available for your vehicle, use our Selectable Locker Application Guide or the catalog page for your particular axle.

differential-spool-full-differentialsA spool is a solid carrier that does not allow axle differentiation. Both axles turn all the time. Spools can’t disengage like a locker, so the tires will chirp when the vehicle corners. Tire wear will increase. Spools are most often used in racing applications, and occasionally in off road applications.

To see the Full and Mini-Spools available for your vehicle, use our Automatic Locker & Spool Application Guides.