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We assemble our own complete differential rebuild kits made with the highest quality axle parts available. Our kits are available as a Master Rebuild Kit with everything you need, a Basic Rebuild Kit for the professional service shop, a Pinion Rebuild Kit with just pinion components, and a Mini Rebuild Kit when you need everything except the bearings. We also have Differential Spider Gear Kits and Transfer Case Kits.

Master Differential Rebuild Kit

Master Differential Rebuild Kit

The Master Rebuild Kit comes complete with everything you’ll need to rebuild the center section of your differential. These kits include the following, as needed per application: pinion and carrier bearings, pinion seal, pinion shims, pinion nut, crush sleeve or depth shims, ring gear bolts (most applications), o-ring, gear marking compound & brush, Loctite, cover gasket or silicone, carrier or super shims, slingers & baffle, and installation instructions.

Basic Differential Rebuild Kit

Basic Differential Rebuild Kit

The Basic Rebuild Kit is assembled for the fully stocked shop and includes the basic parts needed for rebuild a differential: pinion and carrier bearings, pinion seal, o-ring (where applicable), pinion nut, and crush sleeve.

Pinion Differential Rebuild Kit

Pinion Differential Rebuild Kit

The Pinion Rebuild Kit is ideal for low mileage ring & pinion gear ratio changes or for budget rebuilding when only pinion bearings are needed. The kits include pinion bearings, pinion seal, pinion shims, crush sleeve or depth shims, o-ring (where applicable) and gear marking compound & brush.

Mini Differential Rebuild Kit

Mini Differential Rebuild Kit

The Mini Rebuild Kit is ideal for low mileage ring & pinion gear ratio changes and includes everything but the bearings, as needed by application: pinion seal, pinion shims, crush sleeve or depth shims, ring gear bolts, o-ring, gear marking compound & brush, Loctite, carrier or super shims, and installation instructions.

 Differential Spider Gear Kit

Differential Spider Gear Kit

The Spider Gear Kit replaces the internal differential components and includes side gears, pinion gears, side and pinion gear thrust washers, cross pin shaft, and cross pin bolt.

Axle Bearing & Seal Kit

Axle Bearing & Seal Kit

The Axle Bearing and Seal kit is available for most common semi and full floating axles. It contains the bearing(s) and seal for one axle.

Transfer Case Kit

Transfer Case Kit

The Transfer Case Kit is a complete bearing and seal rebuild kit and includes bearings, gaskets, seals, shift fork inserts and small parts (where applicable).

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Ring & Pinions

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Featured Item

AAM Differential Kit

Dana S110 Rebuild Kits

The Dana S110, S135 and S150 differentials are common in newer Ford F450 and F550 trucks. Many light duty differential shops are finding the need and opportunity to work on these differentials. West Coast Differentials stocks Rebuild Kits for each of these differentials, as well as ring & pinion sets and other associated parts. Contact one of our rear end parts experts today!

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Products Available for the Following Axle Assemblies:

  • AMC Model 20
  • AMC Model 35
  • Toyota 7.5”
  • Toyota 8”
  • Toyota Landcruiser
  • Toyota Tacoma
  • Toyota Tundra
  • Chrysler 7.25”
  • Chrysler 8.25”
  • Chrysler 8.75”
  • Chrysler 9.25” Rear
  • Chrysler 9.25” Front
  • Chrysler 10.5”
  • Chrysler 11.5”
  • Dana 30 ™
  • Dana 35 ™
  • Dana 44 ™
  • Dana 50 ™
  • Dana 60 ™
  • Dana 70 ™
  • Dana 80 ™
  • Ford 7.5”
  • Ford 8”
  • Ford 8.8”
  • Ford 9”
  • Ford 9.75”
  • Ford 10.25”
  • Ford 10.5”
  • GM 55 Passenger
  • GM 55 Truck
  • GM Corvette
  • GM 7.25” Front Differential
  • GM 7.5” and 7.625”
  • GM 8”
  • GM 8.2”, GM 8.25” Front Differential
  • GM Camaro, Pontiac G8, GTO
  • GM 10 Bolt 8.5” and 8.625”
  • GM 12 Bolt Passenger
  • GM 12 Bolt Truck
  • GM 9.25” Front Differential
  • GM 14 Bolt 9.5”
  • GM 14 Bolt 10.5”
  • GM 14 Bolt 11.5”

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